WE ARE CALLED as a church to reach the community in which God has placed us. We are doing this first and foremost by having families or groups of individuals in our ‘ohana adopt one of the blocks in our neighborhood. Our plan as a church is to connect with the families that live on the block, find out their needs or the needs of the community, and START SERVING THEM!

There are four essential parts to the Adopt-a-Block ministry:

Adopt A Block – Prayer Team

The Prayer Team will be those in our church body who have committed to praying for our blocks. Specific needs directly from the community will be brought before you. We believe many battles will be won because of bringing our petitions before the Lord.

We envision our Prayer team growing along with our Outreach team. We envision having 2 or 3 prayer warriors dedicated to a specific block which will enable them to be consistent and pray for specific needs at hand. As you work alongside the Outreach team you will be able to sing praises with them as we see the Lords work come to pass.

Adopt A Block – Outreach Team

The Outreach team will be those in our church body who have committed to reaching the community face to face. The Outreach team will walk, will talk, will knock and may hold events that involve the community.

We envision our Outreach team growing through discipleship. Each block leader will be under biblical leadership from a member within the church and will be joined with a new Outreach teammate. As the newest teammate shadows and is shepherded by the block leader you will also learn how to reach our community by using your gifts. As each Outreach member becomes comfortable we will encourage you to step out in Faith and begin leading a block of your own. This is how the whole community of Makiki and Papakolea will come to meet Jesus.

Adopt A Block – Collecting & Connecting

The Collecting & Connecting Team will be those in our church body who have gifts of organization and administration but also a heart to fulfill the needs of the people. You will be receiving information from the Outreach team on what is needed. AAB will depend on you to collect data and connect the body to provide for the needs found.

We have been blessed to partner with the Papakolea Community Center – so whether it’s a need for a service such as construction, food, money or prayer you will receive the needs and help communicate with the Outreach team on how the need is going to be fulfilled so that Outreach, Prayer & Helping Hands can follow up and truly serve our community.

Adopt A Block – Helping Hands

The Helping Hands team are those in our church body who are ready to labor for the Lord. Physically serving and fulfilling needs to show the love and grace of our Father through activities like painting, landscaping, making food, transportation of kapuna, construction, etc.

Our vision here incorporates the church body as a whole! Whether it is a public community clean up, making a meal for a family in need, fixing a roof, cleaning a yard or tutoring a child – this is where the LOVE OF GOD AND THE LIGHT OF CHRIST will be shown! We envision a transformation of our community physically and spiritually.

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For more information, please contact:

Christi Wetzel